ESPNHS: Best Opening Day blogs 4/6-7

Editor's note: ESPNHS is a collection of the best blogs and videos from high schoolers across the country. Here are the best baseball blogs just in time for Opening Day of the 2009 MLB season. Want to get involved? Start blogging and uploading videos today!

Major League Baseball is back!

Disappointing Opening Night in Philly


By bstonecipher03
Coming off a World Series championship, most media placed the Philadelphia Phillies atop or second of the NL East. With majority of their sluggers returning (with the exception of Pat Burrell), the Phillies should have no problem producing runs, it's how many their pitchers squander. Cole Hamels is good for a sub-3.50 ERA, but other than that, their starting pitching looks shaky at best.
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MLB Predictions


By pittsburghfan10
Baseball season is officially under way. I am going to predict season standings, the world series winner and the awards.

First is, in my opinion, the toughest division in baseball, the AL East. The East has three power house teams in the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Rays and 2 not so powerful teams in the Orioles and Blue Jays. The Rays are coming off a shocking season and the Red Sox and Yanks are also coming off strong seasons. This division is always good for an entertaining season and this year will be no different.See all of pittsburghfan10's predictions!

MLB Breakdown


By Baseballanderson
AL East
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles
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Who you think is the best?

djm red sox

By djm red sox
Who you think is the best on the red sox team? personly jacoby ellsbury is the best on the field. Thats my opinion.Thats probably because I play center field also.Send me a message and tell me what you think! Weigh in! Who do you think is the best?


Baseball Is Still The American Dream


By WillH2017
So what if they take steroids, so what if they get mad, we still love to watch the best players. Sure it is not as good now because of steroids but who doesn't love baseball, it is the American Dream! Everybody wants to have a fair game, which some people don't do, but you still gotta love seeing the upsets, the Red Sox come back and win the ALCS, the Reds destroying the Athletics when they were underdogs in 1990, the Yankees with Ruth, the Mets and Reds with Seaver, and the classic name of the game on a warm summers day! Keep reading this blog!

Baseball is Dead


By nike_man5000
Yes, just like when Nas said hip-hop was dead. Baseball is dead. All we hear about baseball now is steriods. I bet if you would look for baseball in the dictionary, you would find the word steriods right next to it. Whenever someone does something good on the field like throw a 100-MPH fastball or hit a monster home run or gain a lot of muscle over the winter, your first word isn't "Wow" it's "Steriods." ... read more from nike_man5000

Why Baseball is Still the Best


By bradyrules679
Ok,the steroid cloud over baseball may still be here,but it is still great.The Yankees are back as playoff contenders and hopefully will give the Red Sox and Rays some competition(not too much,I hope).The Athletics will hopefully give the Angels(man I'm sick of them) a good run for their money with their acquisitons(I hope I spelled that right) of Nomar Garciaparra,who I hope has a great comeback year,Orlando Cabrera,Matt Holliday,and Jason Giambi,the only thing they need is good pitching.Junior is back with the M's,can't ask for more than that!.As for the A.L Central,well I'd like to see the Tigers do better than 3rd this year. Don't stop reading now! Read more of this blog.

Your teams

Why the Red Sox are going to be the best Team this year


By Mark-Vasbinder
Despite lossing one of their speed threts in Coco Crisp the Red Sox have reseaved a very good pitching staff. Some of the names on the list of their pitchers are the knuckler Tim Wakefeild, 2007 Cy young Award Runner-Up Josh Becket and yes the Cancer surviver John Lester who pitched a No Hitter early in the 2008 capign last year against the horrid KC Royals. Read more ... and talk Red Sox baseball with Mark-Vasbinder.



By cardinals5305
As long as the Royals keep Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, and David DeJesus nailing the longball, then it is a fact that with their strong bullpen and pitching rotation will keep the Royals in strong contention. With great additions such as Coco Crisp and Mike Jacobs, the Royals have added great fielding with Crisp and a little pop at the middle of the batting order with Jacobs. How many wins will the Royals have this season?

Nats looking for a down year

Nats4Life A7X

By Nats4Life A7X
The nationals are staring down the barrel of another horrible season. god-damn pitching needs to get better for any chance. all players in my league,good luck. you are gonna need it.
Are you a Nats fan? Talk with Nats4Life A7X about the season!

The Inconsistancies of the Altanta Braves Management.


By priorfire5
I am one of those fans, who are very loyal to franchise players, when they get to their old age and are not as productive, as they used to be. But I am having a hard time understanding the Atlanta Braves management and their inconsistencies, regarding their dealing with Smoltz, Chipper and Glavine. In my thinking the braves should have put their priorities like this, 1. Chipper Jones 2. John Smoltz 3. Tom Glavine.
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