ESPNHS Thursday: Best blogs 4/23

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Tony G. going to the Falcons? Can Someone Say Steal?


By Diesel8590
By now, anyone who has paid attention to a Chiefs game in the past decade knows of Tony Gonzalez. One of the best Tight Ends in NFL History and one of the most consistent athletes in the game. If I were to ask you how much Tony was worth, I'm sure a good portion of you wouldn't say a 2nd Round Draft Pick. For Next Year.
Read full post ... and weigh in on the Tony Gonzalez trade.

James' mock draft- Top 5


By jamesguzzi9
1. Detriot Lions
Matthew Stafford QB/Georgia
The Lions haven't yet worked out a contract deal with the 21-year-old yet but there not going to turn their heads to an OL, considering its not their major need.

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The NBA Set-up


By rice_jessie_21
If last year's NBA playoffs wasn't a set-up, then this one is. The reason why I'm saying this because the NBA, like any other television shows, wants ratings. Surely, the Lakers-Celtics Finals match-up was good for both the league and fans, but I want to see teams ACTUALLY EARN the trip to The Finals. I do respect teams like the Lakers & Cavs, but I don't like how the refs are giving "special treatment" to these teams. Last time I check, they have no player that was named FINALS MVP! What do you think? Talk with rice_jessie_21.

Lakers, Jazz Game3


By lvadaman17
With a 2-0 lead the Lakers are headed to the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. With dominating performances in the first two games from the Lakers, the Jazz hope to steal one at home. Before the game Carlos Boozer told reporters that they will not go down 3-0. Boozer kept strong to his word with a strong performance in the first quarter putting up nine points and a record setting eleven rebounds previously held by Karl Malone and Greg Ostertag. Read the full blog post of Game 3.

Derrick Rose (Rookie) = Amazing in Playoffs?


By pwusa7
Is it possible for a rookie's debut in the Playoffs can be as spectacular as Derrick Rose's? Well here are six words that explain, anything is possible with Derrick Rose. He came out with an astonishing 36 points in an overtime thriller that he obviously helped win for the Bulls. With that performance from the whole Bulls squad, it looked like the Bulls were going to run away with this series. As a matter of fact, that is incorrect. With Celts winning the Finals last year, they know how to come back from a horrible start.
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lakers on the move!


By lakers081190
Do you really think that Utha Jazz were going to win Game 2? they no chance of winning that game since they made that little run in the second half their was no was the lakers could let that lead go so easy if the Jazz want to win atleast a game in this resies they are goin to have to lead the whole game by a large margin other than that they have no shot at this. Talk basketball with lakers081190.

Next Year's #1


By dirtydave998
After reaching the Elite Eight last year with an extremely young team the Kansas Jayhawks will be number one next year. After winning the NCAA tournament in 2008 all Kansas' starters plus Sasha Kaun either graduated or declared for the draft. Yet the Jayhawks still had a good team with last years backups Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich and a good recruiting class consisting of Tyshon Taylor and Marcus and Markieff Morris. See what dirtydave998 thinks about Xavier Henry becoming a Jayhawk.



By jphelan216
Louisville Cardinals should have won the NCAA championship. If you agree say yes. If you don't say no.
What do you think? Should the Cardinals have won it all?

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