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Blog of the Day

girls vs. boys


By cristina-martinez
ok so y is it that guys always think that jus cause were girls we dont know anythin about baseball football or any other sport for that matter?!? jus cause we r girls doesnt mean anything i have has so many guys say o well i guess u dont wanna watch football or sports since ur a girl im always sayin ugh no i love sports. one day i was at a baseball tournament woth my brother and one of the guys was like dit down sweetheart i wouldnt want u to break a nail i found that WAYY WRONG i turned around n almost slapped him i told him that i wasnt the type of girl thatwas scared to get a lil dirt under her nails. he was like well ok watever thats y u dont play sports?!? i play softball and i love baseball and football i would rather be watchin/playin that then doin some girly stuff. jus cause were girls doesnt mean that guys r inferior to us! What do you think? Agree or disagree? Talk with cristina-martinez about this blog!

NFL draft reaction

The NFL Draft


By arizonaunderdog
Did this year's draft live up to the hype?
If not, was sure close.

Now we get to see Stafford try and rebuild a once dominant franchise.

Crabtree is also faced with the challenge of returning the 49ers to NFC West Leaders.

The Cardinals didn't waste any time getting a running back in the first round with Ohio State's Chris Wells. What do you think? Weigh in!

Final Draft (w/ comments)


By checkag
1 - DET: Stafford, Matthew - QB - Georgia

2 - STL: Smith, Jason - OL - Baylor
St.Louis's biggest need is obviously OL. They didn't get Jake Long last year but this year they get their shot at a solid OT. Smith edges out Monroe in my opinion purely based on the outstanding NFL combine. Don't stop reading now! Read checkag's full draft!

The Day of Draft


By perrythefootballgod
As the draft goes underway, I have a few thoughts. These thoughts include, " the Bucs better not screw up", " I'm pretty pissed that all of my work erased and I have to retype this blog", and "oh God, the Bucs are going to screw up". There are other thoughts that go along with these, and I'll share them with you now.
Read more on the draft from perrythefootballgod!


...And the first pick of the NBA draft is.....


By just4frank
This years NBA draft is looking to be one of greatest drafts ever. With upcoming stars like Oklahoma's Blake Griffin, Davidson's Stephen Curry, Uconn's Hasheem Thabeet and UNC's Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson. AS well as some other big names.

To be continued tommorow
Who do you think will be the first pick?

Were you a witness?


By chibears1223
I'm still scratching my head over the Bulls and the Celtics game. I was rooting for the Bulls. That should be obvious. This series has not let me down. I wasn't really planning on watching this series in the first place. I was bored the day the first game was on, so I decided to watch it. I witnessed an amazing overtime game and Derrick Rose looking like a 10 year veteran. Who knew that that wasn't the best game of the series? My emotions were up and down towards the end. At first I thought we were going to win at the end of regulation.
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Is It Our Year?!


By WillH2017
So it's only 16 game into the season, THE REDS ACTUALLY HAVE A WINNING RECORD!!! Any time they have a winning record over 15 games into the season when the are THE REDS, weird….. So maybe they start losing right after I make this. They still have almost all people under 30. They are trying to make veterans, not get veterans. Dusty Baker has a good team yet again. If we don't win this year, watch out. Were coming for you. How do you think the Reds will do this season?

The Zack Grienke Era


By jamesguzzi9
For the first time in many years, things in Kansas City are looking up for a change. Through Friday, the Royals are 9-7 which is good enough for the number 1 spot in the AL central. The Royals have only finsihed the regualar season over .500 once in this decade. And the guy that the Royals were seeing as their ace for the future, is finally living up to that. The only word that can describe Grineke so far this seaon is simply domianant. Just look at his numbers so far. They do all the talking. Grienke is 4-0 through his first 4 starts and hasn't given up a single earned run yet! Read full post ... and talk baseball with jamesguzzi9

Rise over and beyond


By gamegirl21
The Colorado Fireworks softball showcase in the end of June and the beginning of July in 2008 was one of the biggest showcases of the year. If you were to be recruited it would be there. My team Cal Lite and I went there without our seniors. In the first pool play game there everything was going great. We were winning and I was doing good as well by putting my bunt down, getting hits and catching all that came to me. But one pop fly in between me (left fielder) and the shortstop almost ended my week there. My teammate and I were both running full speed towards the ball not realizing neither of us were going to stop.
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