It hurts so good

ESPN RISE brings you five vital stats from athletes across the country.

When a paintball pellet hits you right in the chest, it can be quite painful when you feel that blast for the first time. So when Montezuma High School (Iowa) paintball players describe their first hits, you can almost feel the pain from their memories. Here are five different perspectives on being hit for the first time.

1. Senior Matt McCulley
"I was hiding behind this pallet and snuck out to try and shoot my opponent. Next thing I knew, I got hit in the neck."

2. Senior Jake Kercheval
"It didn't hurt at first, but the adrenaline rush I had helped alleviate the pain as I kept on playing."

3. Senior Jake Berstler
"It stung and left a huge welt on my chest. It didn't hurt as much because the adrenaline rush helps take the pain away."

4. Senior Logan Johnston
"I was trying to shoot a classmate of mine when I felt this sting on my back, and it felt like a punch."

5. Senior Mason Tompkins
"My first experience was when I was hit in the hamstring and left a pretty good bruise for a couple days."

Zach James is a senior at Montezuma High School.
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