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Second Round of Stanley Cup Playoffs


By manny24435
The first round featured some great series with two game 7s. However, I believe that this round will be even better. Here is some of my predictions:


1 Boston Bruins vs 6 Carolina Hurricanes: Everybody seems to believe that Boston will just blow the Canes out of the water, but Carolina is one of the hottest teams in hockey and has many Stanley Cup winners on their roster. However, the Bruins will ultimately prevail on the backs of Goalie Tim Thomas and Veteran Leader Marc Savard in 6 games.
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NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions


By dirtydave998
Sorry I missed the first round, but here's my second round predictions.

Bruins vs. Hurricanes
Bruins in 6

Capitals vs. Penguins
Penguins in 7
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Flagrant Fouls


By cenafan007
U want to see a flagrant? Look at Dwight Howard of the Magic elbowing a guy AFTER A PLAY! Sure the guy was antaganizing but he didn't deserve to almost get his head taken off! Rondo? No Flagrant their. It was in the heat of the game and u could see his eyes on the ball. If the NBA were to suspend him I'd NEVER watch another game in my life.

P.S. Go Celtics! What did you think of that foul? Weigh in!

celtics and playoffs


By redsox_1995
*i want your opinion on who will win the playoffs and if you are a _Celtics _fan leave a message.
So who do you think will win?!


Atlanta's Pitching Showing True Form in 2-1 Win Over Cardinals


By Diesel8590
When Everyone thought it was going to be another close loss for the Braves, Matt Diaz hit the ball just enough to make it a close win.

After Omar Infante, Chipper Jones and Jeff Francoeur walked to get the bases loaded, Matt Diaz knocks in two runs after almost getting his head knocked off by a Curveball that curved past his head. Jo-Jo Reyes pitched 7 Strong Innings, allowing only three hits and one run in the 1st Inning before Shutting the Cardinals down. Mike Gonzalez had a killer close, striking out the side in the 9th inning to end the game.
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The Draft


By nickswr24
So let's do a recap of the first round of the draft.

The Jets made arguably the best move of the draft by trading up to number 5 to get USC QB Mark Sanchez. They apparently feel confident that he can be their guy, and were willing to give up their first rounder and 3 of their players to get him. I personally think that he will be a good, but not great QB. ... Read full post!

THe Bears draft


By plymouthrockies74
everyone leave me your thoughts about the bears draft
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