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celtics beat bulls!


By RayAllen1994DerekJeter11
over an edge-of-your-seat series versus the chicago bulls, i am growing less and less confident on the celtics having a repeat. with garnett out, the celtics are hanging in the playoffs by a thin thread. i'm glad they made it past the first round but barely. They're going to play the magic next… lets start here celtics.
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Bulls-Celtics Series


By dirtydave998
If you had told me last year around the time the Celtics won the NBA finals that the Bulls would take them into seven games I would have called you crazy. I know all of the Celtics fans are probably saying that it was all because Garnett was injured. I agree it probably would have been a different series with KG healthy, but that is no reason for a team with Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, and an improved Big Baby to have that kind of trouble with the Chicago Bulls. Even if Derrick Rose had 36 points in the first game and he and Ben Gordon were playing better than they had all season. The Celtics still should have done better. Read all of dirtydave998's post on the series!

It's All Over


By Baseballanderson
The defending champion Boston Celtics are moving in after beating the Bulls 109-99 at the Garden. This victory marks the end to arguably one of the greatest series of all-time with 7 overtimes and plenty of physical play. I'll start with one thing I believed was the biggest factor in the series: the clutch shooting. Ben Gordon and Ray Allen are co-Mr. April's nailing combined about 8 buzzer-beating shots. Ben Gordon is a free-agent after this series and the question is will he re-sign with the Bulls? If not he will make the big bucks after his amazing performance this series ... keep reading and weigh in!

Going down in history

Boston+Bulls= Best Series Ever?


By spartanfan4evr23
If any person has been following one series of the NBA playoffs, it has been the roller-coaster ride series of the Boston Celtics against the Chicago Bulls. Absolutely nobody expected this to reach a game 5, much less a game 7. It is arguably the most fun and competitive series ever played. There have been 7 overtime periods in 6 games, nearly doubling the NBA record, with another game to go. Every single game has brought some kind of drama, from Rajon Rondo's questionable foul against Brad Miller in Game 5, to Paul Pierce hitting every kind of clutch shot possible in the last seconds of every game.
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Celtics-Bulls: Best Series Ever?


By chibears1223
I don't know why, but I'm not as shocked about the 3OT thriller last night. It's hard to be when there has been 7 total overtimes in this series. I can't even remember which games had overtimes and which didn't. The games are so close together that I never get time to just let it all settle in. I fell asleep and when I woke up, it was in the 2nd overtime. When it came to being 3 overtimes, I was like "Okay whatever." It stinks that I was so tired and exhausted because I wasn't really able to enjoy the game. I wanted to see who won so I was yelling at the t.v. for the Bulls to finish it out or trying to tell the Celtics to just give up. Let me tell ya, it was quite a moment. Never mess with a tired teenage girl, that's all I have to say! I'm glad that the game's on Saturday so it won't be a school day and I can sleep in and be able to have fun watching the game. Do you think it was the best series ever? Where does this series rank for you?

The 2 Best Games


By shadeking13
I believe the two best games this year are the NCAA record overtime game involving the Oranges and the Bos-Ch-playoff game. The Bulls-Celtics game feels like a nba final What did you think of the games? Best of the year?

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