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NBA Finals blogs

The Rookie???


By thomasvasbinder
ok, Stan Van Gundy, do you want your team to lose??? Come on if your tied at 88 at the ending of the forth quarter, most coaches don't set up a play for the rookie (WITH ONLY TWO POINTS) to shoot for the win. granted the play worked to perfection, other then one small detail HE MISSED THE LAYUP. now you're down by 2 games and are completely counted out among all analizers and your own fans. Read the rest of this post ... and weign in on the Magic!

And The Lakers take a 2-0 series lead


By clintkb24
The Lakers barely escape game 2 with a sub-par performance. The only difference between game 1 and game 2 from my point of view is that the Magic were finally able to make shots. They played fair defense,not good enough to win it all, but still fair. And The Lakers got very lucky on a missed lay-up to end regulation. Plain and simple it is just L.A.'s year to win the Finals. Who do you think will win, and in how many games?



By Harty_3_Soup
Can anyone tell me why everyone hates on sports greatest athlete when they mess up one thing? I mean everybody says that Kobe can't win a Ship without Shaq, we all know he can he jus needs a good suppporting cast! Now, everyones geting on LeBron because he left without shaking anyones hand! What the heck? He was mad, I would do the same thing!!! I just lost a game which sends you home instead of to the NBa Finals and your supposed to act all lovey dovey with the other team? THats crap!! Why? What do you think? Talk with Harty_3_Soup about his blog!

Lakers keys to winning Game 2


By sarhed1
So these are my keys for the Lakers to go up 2-0 in the NBA Finals:

1. Kobe needs to be as dominate against Lee and Pietrus as he was in Game 1

2. Keep Dwight Howard out of the paint and make him get into foul trouble
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