ESPNHS Monday: Best MLB blogs 6/8

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MLB Draft

The Nationals Draft Dilema


By pieman12347
The Washington Nationals are the worst team in baseball. Supposing they get the first pick of the draft, they could either trade for a better player, or take Steven Strasburg, the number 1 pick. Strasburg may not even agree to play for the Nats. Why take a risk of 50 million dollars for someone who may not ever play for you. That's what Washington is planning to do. This makes two teams who desperatley need a new managing staff. The Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates(who recently traded all star Nate McLouth for 3 never heard of prospects). Unless these teams rethink what they're doing, they won't have any success. Are you excited for the draft? Talk MLB Draft with pieman12347!

All-Star Game

Albert Pujols


By 1Baseball...1Life
Everybody! Vote for Albert Pujols! Starting First Baseman for the All-Star Game. He's the best and there is no way the cards would be anywhere without him right now. vote for all the other saint louis cardinals while u r at it.
Which players do you think should definitely be at the All-Star Game?

The Yankees

Yankees Were They Should Be..... 1st!

John 6515

By John 6515
The New York Yankees started off slow and CC and Texara were not so hot, they didnt even have A-Rod, but now after A-Rod is back and CC has his thunder back into his arm the yankees are at the top of the world or brackets. I think the reason the Yankees are doing so good is the fact that Alex Rodriguz is back, and Mark Texara is kind of back in a way too. But the subject is is that the Yankees and the Tiwins are the number one teams on the planet and I predict that the Yankees are going all the way this year, and no person or team will beat them!!! And the Twins, of course!!! Check out John 6515's P.S. on the Yankees.



okay yankees??? Yes. theyre atop the AL East (arguably the toughest division) and rollin in the wiffleball park in the bronx and i like it!!! great season they just have to finish it on the right note
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