ESPNHS: Best NBA blogs 6/21-26

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The draft

NBA Mock Draft


By manny24435
Here is how I think Thursday's NBA Draft will turn out:

1. Clippers: Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma

2. Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet, C, UCONN

3. Thunder: Ricky Rubio, PG, Spain

4. Kings: Tyreke Evans, SG, Memphis See the rest of his picks and how they compare to the actual draft.


just call me the chosen one

By just call me the chosen one

1 Rubio long armed freak who has experience, played professional ball in Europe since he was 15

2 Blake Griffin A Rebounder, why i have him at 2 is he has relied on strength in college instead of a jumpshot, he wont be the strongest anymore, reminds me of David West or Carlos Boozer Check out the rest of this mock draft!

2009 NBA Mock Draft 2.0


By dirtydave998
Blake Griffin
6'9" PF, Oklahoma
LA Clippers
Hasheem Thabeet
7'3" C, UCONN
Read the rest of this blog and see the rest of dirtydave998's picks.

Shaq to Cleveland

Cavs trade for Shaq in blockbuster deal


By UnitasX
This morning when I woke up, it was the biggest news all over sportscenter and espnews as Shaq has been traded to the Cavaliers for Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace plus a 2nd round pick in tonights draft. The move for the Cavs give them a big man who can guard Dwight Howard and make Lebron and the Cavs serious contenders in the East and right now, the champs of that conference. Check out more of sarh21's blogs!



By UnitasX
Let's go Shaq. The King plus Shaq is a lethal combo. He might not be much use in the regular season. But in the post season he will be essential against teams where they will have to go inside and adgainst big guys. Cus LeBron can only do SOO much. But if they go to the finals and they end up going against the Lakers, it's going to be one heck of a series. Maybe Shaq will get his revenge. Check out UnitasX's blog on the Celtics/Pistons trade.

Shaq and Lebron


By charlie11164
Shaq and Lebron are teammates they'll be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you think Cleveland will do next year with Shaq and LeBron together?


I've finally realized that kobe...is a BEAST!!!

K _Dizzle_in_da_Hizzle_44

By K _Dizzle_in_da_Hizzle_44
I used to never like the Lakers... not even Kobe Bryant. Yeah, i know what you're thinkin'. You're thinkin that i'm mental for not liking Kobe, let alon the Lakers. Well, my friend helped me to realize, that he is the best in tha world. HE IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!
Talk with K _Dizzle_in_da_Hizzle_44 about Kobe.


Star Players vs. Role Players


By neworlsaints25
Here is a very interesting topic that has been on my mind for sometime. What is better for a team to have a star player or a set of good role players. So we all know in the NBA that the top 4 biggest players all play for different teams. Those players and their respected teams are Lebron in Cleveland, Kobe in Los Angeles, D-Wade in Miami, Dwight Howard in Orlando. Now those teams seem to repeat at making the playoffs ever year. ... Read the rest of this post and weigh in!

Boston Celtics



Im a celtics fan and always have been. I would hate to see Celtics managment seperate any of are core players i don't think it's something the Celtic managment need to address at this point. What we need to change and improve in is are bence which is no secret. We need a reliable back up point guard, a shooter with size and length who can play and by into the celtics defensive scemes(James Posey type) and a BIG with size and length who can space the floor( P.J. Brown). If the Celtics make upgrades to those positions i don't see how the Celtics can lose. What do you think about the Celtics?

Denver Nuggets

Nuggets Chances


By Juice1442
The nuggets have a weakness in the post. birdman and nene are great boosts. But if the nggets want a chance at a championship this upcoming season they have to get a solid starter at center. There gaurds are playing amazing but the post is a major factor in winning. What do you think the Nuggets' chances are?

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