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Michael Vick

The Drought is over


By PaulieT1231
We have droughted 23 long months. He was once the highest paid NFL player. But due to a "Mistake" made by him. He is broke. No money. Nothing. He is starting from scratch. He hasnt touched a football since December 31, of 2006. But all of this is about to change if he can put the choices he decided to do in the past in the garbage. ... read the rest of this blog!


NFL Preview


By itsanabombfromarod
NFL Preview

AFC: East

Patriots- If tom brady returns to his 2007 form in which he threw almost 5000 yds and 50 TD passes, almost half to Randy Moss...with Belicheck calling the shots the Patriots are a force to be reckon with

See which teams itsanabombfromarod thinks will win their divisions!

NFL Preview Part 7:NFC North


By SlyCooperPTI
Note:Numbers to the right are a range of wins I think these teams can get.

1.Minnesota Vikings 8-8 - 12-4

If the Vikings get Favre they will definitely make the playoffs if not Tavaris Jackson/Sage Rosenfels should do a good enough job to win the division.AP is one of the best players in the game but they have a few decent weapons other than him too,Bernard Berrian (averaged 20.1 a catch last year),Percy Harvin (if he keeps his nose clean),Chester Taylor and Vishanthe Shiancoe.I wasn't been too impressed with Sidney Rice last year and he should be much of a threat many CB's.The Vikings have very good Offensive and Defensive lines.Also they have pretty good linebackers,but their secondary is a little iffy.Unless Madieu Williams stays healthy or Tyrell Johnson steps up they don't really have any playmakers at either of the safety positions.

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TD Celebrations

Celebrations in the NFL


By jcatlett008
Just today, as I played Madden with my friend like any respectable football fan should be doing throughout the off-season, I realized that if in the league today a player was to run into the imaginary blue box under the uprights or on the sideline, the actions that would ensue would result in a hefty fine and in game penalization. Not to say that real life should be more like video games, even though video games are becoming scarily similar to real life, but they have their parrallels. While Roger Godell is an excellent commissioner in most aspects of the position, but what is with the crackdown on celebrating?

What do you think? Who would you like to see celebrate in the end zone?


Fantasy Football


By Clevelandfan9988
Looking to join a fantasy football league that is free
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