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willythefrog is this week's ESPNHS Blogger of the Week!


Top 10 QB Fantasy Football Rankings


By willythefrog -- July 31
I am going to be blogging about the top 10 fantasy football players at each position, and I thought, why not start with the Quarterbacks. Here is my list:

#1 Drew Brees: I think is most people's #1 QB, and even though the Saints should have a better running game with Pierre Thomas, they are still a pass happy team with an elite QB like Brees. He is worth about a late first round pick or second round pick. See the rest of willythefrog's top QBs!

Top 10 RB Fantasy Football rankings


By willythefrog -- August 1
I am continuing my list of top 10 fantasy players of each position with the running backs, and here they are:

#1 Adrian Peterson: Not sure many people don't have Peterson as their top RB and I'm no different. I've seen a lot of RBs come through here and AP's the real deal.

#2 Matt Forte: Forte is a big, strong power back with great speed, and excellent hands. Really, what more could you ask for in a running back. Also, I don't think that the Bears' acquisition of Jay Cutler is just going to help Greg Olsen, I think that it could also dramatically increase Matt Forte's receiving yards and TDs. I really like Forte's chances this year.. Check out the full list ... and make your own top RB list!



By willythefrog -- July 30
I know all of you Saints fans are excited about the Saints training camp opening up tomorrow because I definitely am. I am interested in seeing how our cornerback battle works out and how the rookie Jenkins holds up against our talented receiving core. I am also interested to see how out RB position battle goes. I think Pierre Thomas will have the best shot at being the starting RB for the Saints in the 2009-2010 season. I think Reggie Bush, Lynell Hamilton, and Mike Bell are capable of putting up a good fight. I'm really not sure about how the Free Safety situation is going to turn out. Darren Sharper may have the best chance at the starting job but the rookie, Chip Vaughn, and U. Young could put up a fight for it.
How do you think the Saints will do this season?


Chandler for Okafor


By willythefrog -- July 30
I don't know about all you other Hornets fans out there, but I'm really excited about our acquisition of Emeka Okafor for Tyson Chandler. It may not be a blockbuster trade, but I think this is a great trade for the Hornets. Okafor is a good offensive player with a great defensive skills set as well, also being one of the best rebounders in the NBA. Okafor is also very versatile in being able to play both Center and Power Forward, which I actually consider a plus. But, one of his(Okafor's) main promlems is that he has not improved much since his rookie season which some say is because of his lack of passion and intensity for the game, but I think if he can just work hard and play even harder he can eventually mold himself into an All-Star caliber center. Are you a Hornets fan? Talk NBA with willythefrog.

Ike Diogu signs with Hornets


By willythefrog -- July 29
Not sure why the Hornets went after Diogu. I guess it can't make our team worse because he's a solid player and has showed some potential and all. But I really don't really understand this move when there are better free agents out there at Diogu's position to provide great depth for our team. Not really sure about Lamar Odom because we probably can't afford him, but I wanted to see us go after a guy like Hakim Warrick. I like his style and think that he would probably fit right in with the Hornets. But, as I said, I guess signing a guy like Diogu can't make us worse. Jeff Bower needs to keep being aggressive in the free agent market and with trades so that he can surround Chris Paul with talent to in term make our team better. Read the rest of this blog and weigh in!

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