Preakness answers

I am a big fan of the nationally televised quiz show hosted by Alex Trebek that has been broadcast in its present form for more than 30 years. In fact, I just missed qualifying for the show on two occasions. But I also am annoyed at the show's producers who have provided very few answers to racing related questions through the years. This, despite the show's regular use of the horse racing betting term "Daily Double" to help knowledgeable contestants increase their scores.

For those who enjoy the intellectual challenge of Trebek's show as much as the intellectual challenge of picking winners, here is a set of "answers" the show could have used, or should consider. This, especially during its current $1 million competition which coincides with the 2014 Preakness Stakes, to be run at Pimlico Racecourse on Saturday, May 17.

Keep in mind that the jeopardizing format provides answers while contestants must pose correct questions to score points.

For the fun of it, let's take a risk and jeopardize our supposed reputation and/or knowledge of the Preakness by posing the correct questions to the answers listed below. You should find it convenient to submit your "questions" in the comment section below this column.

On Friday, May 16, shortly after 1:00PM EDT, I will add all the correct questions but one so you may see how many points you scored. At the same time, I also will submit my own question to the last and "Final Answer" in this test. Obviously, the accuracy of that question only will be known after the Preakness is run.

Frankly, without using research tools, which are permitted, I do not expect anyone to get more than half of the questions correct. But please go ahead and try. I certainly have jeopardized my own reputation when it comes to horse racing knowledge many times over this and other forums. Just two weeks ago, for example, I completely missed the question and answer as to who would win the 2014 Kentucky Derby.

The first Jeopardizing round

For 200 points, the answer is: It's called "the most valuable trophy in sports" -- to be awarded at Pimlico on Saturday.

Question: What is the Woodlawn Vase?

For 400 points: Ride On Curlin and General a Rod, probable starters against Derby winner California Chrome in the 2014 Preakness, have one key thing in common.

Q: Who are the only horses in the 2014 Preakness who faced California Chrome in the Kentucky Derby?

For 600 points: Funny Cide and Prairie Bayou also share one thing in common that links them in modern Preakness history.

Q: Who are the two most recent geldings to win the Preakness?

For 800 points: These two Preakness-winning horses did not win the Kentucky Derby and lost only one race in their careers.

Q: Who were Man o' War and Native Dancer? (Man o' War did
not run in the Kentucky Derby and suffered his only career loss to Upset in
the 1919 Sanford Stakes; Native Dancer suffered his lone career loss to
Dark Star in the 1953 Derby.)

For 1000 points: These are the last two betting favorites who lost the Kentucky Derby but won the Preakness. You may include the years, to earn double the points for the "Daily Double" in this round.

Q: Who are Lookin at Lucky, (2010); and Point Given, (2001)?

The second Jeopardizing round

For 400 points: These are the only horses entered in the 2014 Preakness who won their last races.

Question: Who are Kid Cruz, (Frederico Tesio Stakes); Dynamic Impact, (Illinois Derby), and California Chrome, (Ky.Derby)?

For 800 points: These were the two most recent Preakness winners to be voted Horse of the Year, the years included.

Q: Who are Curlin, (2007) and Rachel Alexandra, (2009)?

For 1200 points: This man won the Preakness as a jockey and 26 years later trained a Preakness winner ... This is the first of two Daily Doubles in this round for double the points.

Q: Who is Johnny Longden? (Longden rode Count Fleet in 1943 and trained Majestic Prince in 1969).

For 1600 points: He's the only six-time winning jockey of the Preakness and his fellow Hall of Famer is the only jockey to win it three straight times ... Name them both for the second Daily Double in this round, for double the points.

Q: Who are Eddie Arcaro (1941, '48,'50,'51,'55 and '57) and Pat Day, (1994,'95 and '96)?

For 2000 points: It's the state other than Maryland that hosted the Preakness five different times.

Q: What is New York State?

Final Answer

This horse is the winner of the 2014 Preakness Stakes ... Named in advance of course, and worth 5,000 points as well as some cold, hard cash in your pocket, if you place a wager.

Q: Who is Ride On Curlin, upset winner over California Chrome and Social Inclusion?

Good luck with this test of your Preakness knowledge.

Please check back right here Friday afternoon for the correct "questions" -- especially the final one that I also will provide while hoping not to further jeopardize my dwindling reputation as a top handicapper of Triple Crown races.