Record-breaking price paid for horse

Some people invest in property, others invest in art, but if you are a virtual horse racing enthusiast, like Black Lotus, you wouldn't think twice about investing $9,000 (U.S.) to race the hottest horse at the popular virtual horse racing site Digiturf.com.

The horse in question, Madremonte, made a name for himself within his first week racing as a juvenile by winning his first five consecutive races and earning $488. Within ten days he cemented his reputation as the next monster of the tracks by winning two Juvenile Championship titles. His formidable racing prowess generated so much debate and speculation about whether a horse of his calibre was an asset or a liability to the virtual horse racing community because he was virtually dominating all the races he competed in. It wasn't just his fantastic ability that gave him the leading edge but he was also incredibly versatile over all sprint, classic and stayer distances. There may have been some resentment directed at him but ultimately trainers agreed that the answer depended on whether he was in their stable or someone else's stable.

Some trainers were more upfront about their intentions when they enquired about his possible selling price. The general consensus was that Madremonte was destined to become a national treasure at Digiturf.com, and trainers wanted to claim that legacy for their stable. His trainer, Cobarn, was doing a fantastic job training Madremonte but also adopted a conservative approach when entering him into races. Although Madremonte could excel at any distance, Cobarn preferred to focus on racing Madremonte in highly competitive and equally lucrative races. He could easily have raced Madremonte in cheap races with easy wins but when it comes to creating a legacy one needs dignified racing history that inspires respect before envy.

Cobarn was equally gracious when it came to sharing his experiences as a trainer who owned the most formidable virtual race horse that the Digiturf.com community had seen in a long time. It's probably thanks to his generosity and humility about owning Madremonte that the horse's popularity in the community was boosted. Everyone felt like they had a stake in Madremonte's success, even if it was at their expense. It was quite ironic because there was no shame in losing to Madremonte because there was an element of prestige in having a virtual race horse that was capable of competing against Madremonte, maybe even beating him in a race.

Madremonte's incredible form and earnings is testament to his racing prowess and how his trainer managed the horse's career. Within less than four months, this virtual race horse, affectionately referred to as a cartoon race horse, managed to earn $7,456 by winning 36% of his races and placing in 40% of them. His trainer was inundated with offers to buy his horse. Madremonte is capable of winning future championships and has the potential to earn another $40,000 before retiring from active racing. An added incentive is that he may be the next Triple Crown Championship winner which could earn his owner $6,000 within three days.

Black Lotus didn't even flinch when Cobarn announced Madremonte was available for sale at $9,000. With the click of a mouse he set a precedent for what the virtual horse racing community will pay to own a serious contender for all future Championships at Digiturf.com. There isn't a better trainer to take over the reins of Madremonte's future than Black Lotus. He's won 30 championships to date, plus he's established himself in the Hall of Fame for Top Trainers alongside five of his horses who are in the Hall of Fame for Top Horses. If anyone is up to the task of training Madremonte to his full potential, it is Black Lotus.

His record breaking auction bid of US$9,000.00 for a virtual race horse also instils a sense of confidence in the future of virtual horse racing at Digiturf.com.

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