The ABCs of virtual horse racing

Horse racing enthusiasts often find gaming sites that claim to simulate horse racing a thoroughbred let-down because they often over-promise and under-deliver.

Horsemanship requires a hands-on approach because trainers need to understand that their horses have certain preferences for different tracks, distances and goings. Although anyone can study equine science through a reputable college, or even online, every great trainer knows that training horses is part science, part fact and part intuition. Horses don’t come with an owner’s manual so why do so many horse racing games tell you how your horses run? It’s no less skilled than drawing straws or bobbing for apples!

If you’re serious about horse racing but don’t have the time, funds or resources to pursue your passion for owning, training and racing your own horses then Digiturf.com offers a very realistic alternative. It’s called virtual horse racing where players can experience the thrill of training and racing their own virtual horses against other trainers around the world for some serious cash stakes. And, it’s available online.

With twelve years of experience creating virtual dirt and online turf, the team at Digiturf.com have their racing program whipped into better shape than their thoroughbreds. They’ve dispensed with novelty features and invested their time and money into developing one of the most sophisticated horse racing programs on the Internet. They get five gold stars for their annual sponsorships - yip, their game is so authentic that they even sponsor their races to the tune of $1,000,000 a year; but their biggest selling point is that their race program is so authentic to real-life racing, complete with grading, handicapping, allowances, eligibility requirements, and a very comprehensive range of categories which includes maidens, divisions, claimers and even a $79,000 Championship Series.

Horses get penalised for winning races but they also get allowances for losing races. It is the fairest way to ensure that the stronger horses don’t dominate the weaker horses in their races -- and it adds an element of skill for the player because you have to ensure that your horses going into their races are carrying the lowest possible weight to win the highest stakes possible. All of Digiturf.com's horses are “genetically” unique so the responsibility is on you as a virtual trainer to train your horses as comprehensively as possible to ensure you’re entering them into the most appropriate race for them. Some horses are sprinters while others are stayers, some prefer dirt over turf tracks -- and all of them have a personality (like real horses) that you have to somehow understand because Digiturf.com doesn’t give you a user’s manual either, although they do have an extensive Help section and the virtual horse racing community at Digiturf.com are very helpful to new players.

To help new players get started, Digiturf.com is offering all new players four free horses (2 Grade 3 horses, 1 Grade 2 horse and 1 Grade 1 horse.) to help them learn how to race their horses before committing themselves too deeply in the game. It’s a perfect combination of free horses because the Grade 3 horses are allowed to race in unlimited free races but the Grade 2 and Grade 1 horses provide you with an opportunity to enter more competitive races for cash stakes. Try your hand at the Grade 3 races but eventually you will want to progress into Grade 2 and Grade 1 racing because that’s where the money is - and who doesn’t want to win real money for racing their own horses?

We’re not going to say that racing virtual horses at Digiturf.com is easy, but if it was, it wouldn’t be half as much fun. It’s a bit like real-life horse racing in that regard.

Try it, and see if you agree!

Digiturf.com is a virtually real online horse racing game where you can apply your skill and strategy to own, train, and race virtual horses in live 3D action against a global racing community for real prize money. The game replicates real-to-life horse racing, and even runs a Virtual Breeders Championship to allow you the opportunity to have your own virtual horse compete for the winning title.