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The object of the Citgo Pick 6 Challenge is to pick the winner in each of six actual horse races that are selected from racetracks across the country. Players will be given 15 selections to spread as they see fit across the half-dozen races. A player may use as few selections as one per race or as many as 10, but may not exceed a combined total of 15 for the six races. The contestant who picks the six winning horses using the fewest number of selections -- or horses -- will be declared a weekly winnner. Should no player pick a winner in each of the six races, that week's prize money will be carried over and added to the following week's $2,000 cash prize. 

How to play: 

1. Sign up and select a password. This will allow you to submit and then subsequently modify your Pick 6 card, should you change your mind or a horse should drop out of a race (otherwise known as a "scratch"). 

2. Study up on the races using the linked Daily Racing Form .PDF files (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you will be able to download free) or your preferred provider for horse past performances. 

3. Go to the race selection form and make your picks using the checkboxes. A maximum of 15 selections can be used in combination across the six races. Remember, in the case of a tie, the entry with the fewest number of selections used will be deemed the winner for the week. After you make your picks hit the "Submit" button.

An example of a completed form: 

An example of a completed form: You could make two picks in race 1; three in race 2; four in race 3; two in race 4; one in race 5 and three in race 6.

4. Each race in the Citgo Pick 6 Challenge has an individual deadline for adjustments (listed above each race description). You must enter the contest prior to the Race 1 deadline on the day the horse races actually occur, but you can adjust Races 2 through 6 on your ticket (up until the deadlines established for those individual races). You are responsible for checking for scratches and adjusting your ticket accordingly. Since you are allowed to adjust your entry form throughout the day the contest races occur, SCRATCHED HORSES WILL NOT BE REPLACED WITH RACE FAVORITES. A SCRATCHED HORSE INCLUDED ON AN ENTRY FORM AFTER AN INDIVIDUAL RACE DEADLINE PASSES WILL BE TREATED AS A LOSING SELECTION. 

5. MONTHLY AND GRAND PRIZES.Prizes will also be awarded to those players who select the most winning horses within each of the months of March, April, May and June, 2001. There will also be a Grand Prize awarded to the player who selects the most horse over the course of the 15 week contest period. PLAYERS MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL AND PASSWORD EACH WEEK in order to properly compile totals for the Monthly and Grand Prize components of the contest. 

6. Weekly Results, as well as Monthly and Grand Prize standings, will be available at Horse Racing on each Monday following that weekend's contest play. For more information, including specific contest dates, see the Official Rules.