Mason & Ireland: [hr1]

The Dodgers have turned things on, like Mason predicted. Also, Is Donny baseball heading to Miami?

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 1]

Mychal insists the NBA is "soft" nowadays, because all the players are "boys" and they grew up in the "AAU culture" of hanging out with each other off court. Trudell comes at Mychal with a bunch of players who aren't "soft" and have the Kobe-like killer instincts.

Kelvin and Travis

With Ronda Rousey saying she wants to retire before her 30s and the US Open underway, Travis & Kelvin wonder who the face of female sports is: Rousey or Serena Williams? Also, the Dodgers are one win away from sweeping the Giants and having a choke hold on the division. Andy Kamenetzky jumps on to explain how the Dodgers' bullpen has stepped up when they needed it the most.

Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Jeff Biggs rings in on the show for the latest edition of Biggsy Calls. Does LA want the 2024 Olympics? RG3 in a bit of hot water because of social media, Marcellus Wiley and Andy Kamenetzky react.

Mason and Ireland [hr 3]

Steve Mason has returned from vacation, and is catching up on the sports news he's missed. The guys discuss the cast of the TV show Friends, and who has has the most success post Friends. The guys look back at last Los Angeles Dodgers win in extra innings over the San Francisco Giants. Crosstalk with Marcellus Wiley and Andy Kamenetzky.