Max & Marcellus: [hr2]

Max & Marcellus have the latest developements in Deflategate. Are you buying Belichicks story? Max breaksdown his NBA power ranking in this edition of The Max Pack.

ESPN LA Now [hr2]

As Mychal & Brian continue to discuss the future of Kobe Bryant, a new wrinkle has been added to 'Deflate-gate' as it has been reported that the NFL knew about the deflated balls & let the Patriots play with them anyway to catch them in the act.

The Thundering Herd

Colin Cowherd shares his thoughts on the Patriots' deflation scandal and chats with Mike Reiss and Brock Huard.

The Thundering Herd

Colin Cowherd discusses the perception of the Patriots as cheaters, compares Andrew Luck to John Elway and chats with Peter King and Richard Sherman.

Manny Pacquiao in studio

Why hasn't Floyd Mayweather signed the contract? Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao is in-studio with the guys to talk all about the Super Fight and if Floyd is ducking him. Does Manny still like to knock people out?