ESPNLA Rewind [hr2]

Jeff Biggs Rewinds Kelvin & Travis get ready for the weekend, Marcellus & Jeff Katz discuss an idea for a new Clippers TV deal, Thompson & Trudell talk Trayce Thompson and Jordan Clarkson dating a super-model!

Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Jeff Biggs rings in on the show for another edition of Biggsy Calls. Mayweather fires back at Rousey, Marcellus Wiley and Jeff Katz discuss. How will this Mayweather/Rousey beef playout?

Mason and Ireland [hr 3]

Ben Lyons is sitting in for the vacationing Steve Mason today. Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has turned a $60 million-a-year offer for local TV rights and is forging ahead with a plan to start his own over the top steaming network. Crosstalk with Marcellus Wiley and Jeff Katz.

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 2]

ESPN 1000's Doug Padilla gave us an update on how Mychal's youngest son, Trayce, is doing with the Chicago White Sox. Also, Crosstalk with John Ireland and Ben Lyons

ESPN LA Morning Show with Kelvin and Travis Hour 2

The guys talk about whether or not Kobe deserves the money he received from the Lakers. Travis & Kelvin start talking about Derek Rose’s rape case.