ESPN LA Morning Show

Off of their conversation with A.C. Green yesterday, Kelvin & Travis wonder if drafting is the way to go for the Lakers. John Ireland weighs in from Toronto with his thoughts as well. Also, the soap opera that is LeBron James & Kevin Love gets juicy.

ESPN LA Rewind [hr1]

Jeff Biggs rewinds the Dan Weber interview with Mason and Ireland discussing the USC unsealed NCAA documents. Also, Laker great A.C. Green with Kelvin and Travis this morning.

ESPN LA Morning Show

The Lakers get an OT win over the Timberwolves which makes Kelvin & Travis afraid they may fall out of their spot for a top 5 draft pick. Former Laker A.C. Green jumps on to discuss whether or not the draft is really that important to the Lakers future.

The Thundering Herd

Colin delves into why the NFL has stolen March Madness. Plus, he's joined by Mike D'Antoni, Brian Windhorst and Adam Schefter.