Joe Torre denies early Mets speculation

LOS ANGELES -- It took about 24 hours after Joe Torre announced he was stepping down as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers for speculation to begin in New York that he will replace Jerry Manuel as manager of the Mets. Various media outlets have addressed the issue, with the New York Post citing a source close to Torre saying that the Mets' situation would be intriguing for the Brooklyn native because of the amount of talent the Mets have in place.

All of this, despite the fact Manuel hasn't been fired yet.

"I never like to rule anything out," Torre said before Sunday's game against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium. "I guess some close, personal friend of mine has been telling people that is where I'm going. Overall, a lot of people don't really care if it's true or not. They just fire it out there.

"Wherever I go, if I go anywhere, there obviously are no legs to this story because I have had no conversations of any kind and nobody I know has had any conversations of any kind with anybody."

Torre said he has no idea who this "close personal friend" might be.

"Obviously, I haven't bought that person dinner lately," Torre said.

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