No timetable on Hanley Ramirez

ST. LOUIS -- Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez did not play Tuesday after jamming his right shoulder Sunday, but Dodgers manager Don Mattingly didn't think he would be sidelined long.

"He looked really good again today, even better than yesterday," Mattingly said. "So it's still encouraging. There are no plans for an MRI. As long as he keeps going forward like this there won't be an MRI. If he stalls and all of a sudden is not getting any better and seems to be stuck somewhere, we'll do it."

Mattingly didn't have a timetable on a return for Ramirez, who went through a workout before Tuesday's game. Ramirez said he felt good after going through a workout Monday night.

"I feel better," Ramirez said. "My range of motion is better. It's way better than yesterday, but it's day-to-day right now."

Mattingly agreed that Ramirez's injury was day-to-day and didn't rule him out returning within the week.

"We're basing a lot of this off of how he's feeling and how he's moving his arm," Mattingly said. "His range of motion has gotten a lot better. He had a similar injury in the Dominican Republic and he feels like it's the same thing and that this feels better than that. As long as he doesn't stall and continues to get more range of motion with his arm, we'll keep going with this."

Matt Kemp, who has been on the disabled list with a left ankle sprain since July 22, was moving around the clubhouse Tuesday without a walking boot and was able to hit the ball off a tee as well as catch and throw with teammates during batting practice. Mattingly didn't have a timetable for Kemp's return either but said it was good to see Kemp's progress moving in the right direction.

"He's been doing some tee work without the boot," Mattingly said. "He's been throwing without the boot. He did all that yesterday and he did it again today, which was key because he was able to bounce back today and not go backward. He's got his ankle wrapped in a regular kind of ankle brace. He's moving. I don't know how far he's down the road but at least it's going in the right direction. It's not going backward."