Report: Lamar Odom sues IRS

Lamar Odom may not be having any trouble with opponents on the court this season for the Lakers.

But, he is having trouble with one off the court: the Internal Revenue Services.

Odom, the 6-foot-10 versatile frontcourt presence for the Lakers, is suing the IRS over a tax bill in 2007 for around $87,000, according to Forbes.com. The dispute is over the IRS saying Odom could not deduct $12,000 in league fines of that year and $178,000 in fitness deductions spent for getting himself in shape.

Odom, who left the University of Rhode Island early to enter the NBA Draft, is representing himself and personally signed the filing.

Federal law doesn't generally allow tax deductions for financial sanctions, but Odom contended the Lakers and the NBA violations are not a violation of any government law.

Using similar reasoning, Odom attacked the agency's decision not to allow him to subsidize his efforts to stay in shape as a pro athlete.

In an explanatory note attached to Odom's bill, according to Forbes, the IRS explained: "We have disallowed some of the expenses you claimed as business expenses because it was determined they were personal expenses and not deductible."

Odom's contention was filed on Oct. 25. in a court in Washington D.C.