Report: Watson claims drug addiction

A former Southern California assistant football coach stated in legal documents that he received prescriptions from team and university doctors he used to feed his addiction to painkillers, SI.com reported Monday.

The Web site reported Dave Watson said in a deposition that he told then-Trojans coach Pete Carroll of his addiction in February 2008, but was allowed to keep his job and use a vehicle provided by USC.

Watson was involved in a car accident in May 2008, in which he pleaded no contest to DUI charges and received three years' probation, SI.com reported. The driver of the car Watson hit is now suing Watson and USC.

In the three months between Watson's alleged discussion with Carroll and the crash, Watson was prescribed 1,680 tablets of pain medication, SI.com reported, citing the deposition.

Carroll fired Watson eight months after the accident, saying the defensive line coach was too hard on players, SI.com reported.

Watson said under oath he had developed a significant addiction to painkillers after sustaining a serious knee injury while playing for the University of Minnesota.

Accoring to SI.com, a hearing is scheduled for Jan. 26 in a Los Angeles courtroom to address Carroll's pending deposition in the civil case.