Hearing centers on Bush and Mayo

Who: USC athletic director Mike Garrett, university general counsel Todd Dickey, faculty representative Noel Ragsdale and compliance director Ellen Ferris are scheduled to attend. Ex-USC basketball coach Tim Floyd will reportedly be there. Ex-football coach Pete Carroll may give testimony as well. USC president Steven B. Sample also will attend, according to the Los Angeles Times.

What: USC is testifying to the 10-member NCAA Infractions committee about allegations that Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush and former basketball player O.J. Mayo received improper benefits while playing for the Trojans. USC already self-imposed sanctions on its basketball program and is hoping to avoid further punishment.

The NCAA began its investigation into the Bush matter in March of 2006 after reports surfaced that his family took cash and other benefits valued at nearly $300,000 from would-be sports marketers.

The Mayo probe started in 2008 after a former associate of event promoter Rodney Guillory said Mayo received cash and other benefits before and while attending USC.

Where: The location of the hearings are not public knowledge, but it is believed to be going on at a Tempe, Ariz. resort.

When: Thursday through Saturday.