Pat Haden: This is USC's final appeal

LOS ANGELES -- The recent NCAA cases at Auburn and Ohio State will not affect USC's upcoming appeal with the NCAA, Trojans athletic director Pat Haden said Wednesday.

Speaking at an athletic department engagement commemorating the groundbreaking on the school's new $70 million athletic facility, Haden said comparing the cases at those schools with USC's case is like comparing "apples and oranges."

"A lot of people say it's going to help you -- I don't think so," Haden said. "I don't think it helps or hurts us; I think it's irrelevant."

USC will sit before an NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee Jan. 22 in Indianapolis to appeal sanctions issued to the football program in June. Those sanctions include a two-year bowl ban and a loss of 10 scholarships each year for a three-year period.

The Trojans are attempting to reduce each of those bans by half. If the full extent of the school's appeal is granted, USC would be eligible to compete in postseason play next season and could sign as many as 20 players in the next three recruiting classes.

Decisions made by the NCAA appeals committee are typically final, and Haden said Wednesday USC would not pursue any additional appeals or legal action if the original decision were upheld.

"This is it," Haden said. "There is no appeal after this.

"This is the final frontier."

Pedro Moura covers colleges for ESPNLosAngeles.com.