Report: Stafon Johnson suing USC

Former USC running back Stafon Johnson is suing the school for damages stemming from a 2009 weightlifting accident, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

Johnson's lawyer, Carl Douglas, scheduled a Monday news conference in order to announce that Johnson is filing the personal injury lawsuit, according to the report.

Johnson missed most of the 2009 season after the weight-room accident on Sept. 28 of that year. He sustained serious injuries when a bar holding 275 pounds of weight fell on him, crushing his neck and larynx.

After a series of surgeries and lengthy physical therapy, Johnson eventually made a full recovery from the potentially fatal injuries, a process one throat specialist, Dr. Jason Hamilton, described as "miraculous."

The Tennessee Titans signed the undrafted Johnson as a free agent in April 2010, before waiving him after he dislocated his ankle in a preseason game.

Johnson and a USC spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit, according to the report.