Tyler Honeycutt has X-ray on elbow

UCLA forward Tyler Honeycutt, the Bruins' leading rebounder and second-leading scorer, had an X-ray on his right elbow Tuesday after acknowledging that the elbow has been ailing him for more than six weeks.

The results of the X-ray weren't immediately available, but Honeycutt said he's been feeling sharp pain in his shooting elbow ever since he fell on it Dec. 2 in UCLA's loss at Kansas.

"I've been playing through it," Honeycutt said. "It's been really weak as far as squeezing stuff and pushing stuff."

Honeycutt said he has been taking pain killers to help deal with it, but the injury has clearly affected his play.

In the six games up to and including the Kansas game, when Honeycutt scored 33 points, he averaged 17.7 points on 54.8 percent shooting. In the 10 games since, he's averaging 10.9 points on 36.7 percent shooting.

In UCLA's last three games, he's averaged 8.3 points on 34.6 percent shooting. His rebounding has remained consistent, however. He's averaging 7.9 for the season -- 8.2 per game before the injury and 7.7 after.

"Some weeks it will really hurt a lot," he said. "Lately it's been like, when I go out to shoot, if it's not warmed up, I can barely get the ball to the rim."

Honeycutt, who also missed a game Dec. 23 because of a sprained shoulder, said he wanted to get his elbow X-rayed because the pain hasn't subsided.

"It's just a nagging injury so I want to make sure everything is good with it," he said. "It's been kind of an issue the whole time."

Peter Yoon covers the UCLA Bruins for ESPNLosAngeles.com.