David Cook testifies in O.J. case

LAS VEGAS -- As O.J. Simpson tries to win a new trial on the robbery and kidnapping charges that sent him to jail, he still can't put behind him the court battles stemming from deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Simpson was acquitted in that criminal case -- but in a civil case, a court ordered him to pay $33 million to the estates of the two people he'd been accused of killing.

And a lawyer for Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, is still after the money.

David Cook testified Thursday in Las Vegas that some of the items that were taken in the hotel room heist that sent Simpson to prison didn't really belong to him.

He says Fred Goldman still has ownership rights to nine "game" footballs, if they ever appear on the market. A California judge had ordered them returned to Simpson in 2009 -- a year after Simpson was convicted of robbery and kidnapping.

But Simpson testified yesterday that he never would sell the items.