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VeniceMase Podcast

Like almost everybody else, Mase loves a great Denzel Washington movie. "The Equalizer" comes out this Friday & Mase got a chance to sit down with screenwriter Richard Wenk. Not only has he written one of the biggest movies of the year, he also loves "Mason & Ireland!"

VeniceMase Podcast

Mase talks with Academy Award nominee Juliette Lewis about her new film "Kelly & Cal." They also discuss what it has been like working with some of the greatest directors of all-time: Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Mira Nair & Lasse Hallstrom.

The Lyons Den - Episode 43

Actor & Knicks fan Bryan Greenberg stops by The Lyons Den to talk about the #knickstape. ESPNNY's Ryan Ruoco crashes the podcast to nerd out about 'One Tree Hill'.

VeniceMase Podcast

Mase has discovered a great new independent film called "Kelly & Cal," so he has director Jen McGowan join him to discuss her directorial debut, being an "on the rise" filmmaker, and how an independent film actually gets made.

The Lyons Den - Episode 42

Oscar Nominee Jessica Chastain stops by The Lyons Den to talk about her new movie, 'The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby'.


Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Max & Marcellus remix the days top stories on Remix at Six. Is Roger Goodell looking worse than Ray Rice right now? The guys react to comments from Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti on the text messages to Ray Rice and not pushing for the video.

Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Max & Marcellus mix it up on this edition of Remix at Six. Author, Radio Host, and Professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is in studio talking about Roger Goodell & Ray Rice. Should Goodell punish himself?

Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Marcellus talks about his personal relationship with Ray Rice. Can the NFL run on autopilot if Commissioner Roger Goodell is removed? Max & Marcellus crosstalk with Ryan Hollins and J From Compton.

Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

What do Max & Marcellus have to say after seeing the latest surveillance video of Ray Rice? Marcellus turns into a valley girl after talking about Drake and Lil Wayne. Who's the better football team USC or UCLA?

Max & Marcellus: [hr2]

Can the Lakers possibly end up with Eric Bledsoe? Max tries to package a deal for the Lakers to get Bledsoe. Marcellus sticks up for UCLA after their mediocre performance last Saturday.