What it means to be a Laker

If they could enshrine cities in the Hall of Fame, Los Angeles would be first in line. Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

Listen to Mychal's passionate rendition

Now is the time when it matters most,
When the Lakers play the part of Championship Host.
If teams want to learn the championship way,
The only way to get there is through L.A.

If a team wants a title, they know where to enter.
Every team's gonna have to come play in Staples Center.
I don't care if you're Shaq, Garnett, Howard, or James,
You gotta come to L.A. to play championship games.

The Lakers better forget about flipping some switch.
They'd better listen to Phil, Jerry, Magic, ME, and Mitch.
Now's not the time to be turning it on and off.
Now's not the time to be complacent and soft.

Look at those retired numbers up on the wall.
Think about how those guys used to play ball.
Goodrich, Worthy, Kareem, Magic, Baylor and West,
When you're a Laker, you're representing the best.

When you're a Laker, you are above the crowd.
You want to play to make those legends proud,
So look up at those numbers hanging near the ceiling.
Look up there and get that championship feeling.

Look up and realize you're different from the rest.
Why? Because you have "Lakers" written across your chest.
All the other teams? They want what you have.
Whether you're a Celtic, a Magic, a Spur, or a Cav.

So tell me, Lakers, what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna let them come and take it from you?
Or are you gonna plant your feet and stand your ground?
And you're GOING to do it starting in the first round!

So this is it, boys. The "switch" is on.
The days of entitlement and apathy are gone.
You are THE LAKERS. Remember what that means.
You owe Laker fans MORE championship rings.

You owe it to past Lakers and to yourselves.
You owe it to Dr. Buss to keep stocking his trophy shelves.
You owe it to Laker pride, so let it lead the way,
And bring the 16th Laker Championship back to L.A.!

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