Draft Spin Musings

Washington Redskins fans rejoice as their QB situation gets a major upgrade, but I don't necessarily agree with the masses that they become the front-runner for the division. It's imperative that this teams takes a Left Tackle with the fourth pick in the draft. If Oklahoma St.'s Russel Okung is still on the board it becomes the biggest no-brainer of the draft. And by the way, when did Donovan McNabb start looking like Steve Harvey?

It's becoming more and more evident that Jimmy Clausen may experience an Aaron Rodgers type slide come draft day. Washington is no longer an option and Seattle may think enough of newly acquired Charlie Whitehurst to take their two first round picks in another direction. And with rumors spinning that Tim Tebow may very well end up being taken in the first round, it's conceivable that any other team besides the Rams considering a quarterback in the first round may actually prefer the Florida south paw over Clausen. Imagine if Clausen does come to the New York for the draft and doesn't get picked in the first? The second round isn't until the next day. I would hate to put on a tie for no reason.

Get to know Hall Davis from Louisiana-Lafayette. The Defensive End stands at an impressive 6'4, 271 lbs. and put up better than average numbers at the combine. Although he played as a down lineman in college, a number of teams project him as an outside backer. Make no mistake, this is a middle round type guy, but with scheduled visits to the Titans, 49ers, Ravens and Patriots, it's obvious he's caught the eye of some very good defensive football teams.

Everson Griffen's electric forty time (4.59) at USC's Pro Day all but locks up a first round selection. While it's difficult to argue his physical tools, much like teammate Taylor Mays, his production didn't exactly match his potential. He had such an up and down career with the Trojans and the fact that he really didn't become a starter until this past season is somewhat concerning. And for the guy many dubbed as a pass rushing specialist, seven sacks last season seems a little underwhelming.

Where will Dez Bryant go? It's difficult to project where this talented Oklahoma St. enigma will wind up. After listening to this guy talk after a mediocre Pro Day, it's clear that's there a chip on his shoulder. He also mentioned a comparison to Randy Moss and promised a similar outcome for any team who chooses to pass on him. News flash Dez: You aren't nearly as good. Now I hope it all comes together for Bryant but it doesn't appear he understands the magnitude of the draft process. He still rates as the top receiver in the draft, but he could very easily be a top twelve pick, but as of now that looks unlikely.