ESPNLA Rewind [hr1]

Jeff Biggs rewinds Ramona talking NBA free agency with Mason & Ireland, Ben Lyons interviews Kevin Love, Kelvin & Travis talk DeAndre Jordan, and Jim Harbaugh in 'The Herd'.

Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

What happened in that meeting with the Lakers and LaMarcus Aldridge? Max blames Kobe's huge contract for free agents not wanting to come to the Lakers. Max & Marcellus talk about the way the Buss family have handled the franchise.

Mason and Ireland [hr 1]

NBA Free agency began last night at 9:01pm, Steve and John fill us in on who's talking to who. The guys go down the list of available free agents, that are left for the Lakers to make a run at. Callers weigh in with their thought on free agency and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 2]

Mychal and Trudell compared the similarities and differences between Julius Randle and Laker Favorite Lamar Odom, as the fellas think Randle could become better than Odom ever was. Plus, the guys discussed the Women's World Cup and Team USA beating Germany to advance to the Finals.

ESPN LA Morning Show with Kelvin & Travis

As NBA free agent news continues to break, Travis & Kelvin dig in on the Angels reportedly parting ways with GM Jerry Dipoto & what this does to an already troubled organization. Also, there appears to be a rift forming between Yasiel Puig & the rest of the Dodgers' clubhouse.