Mason and Ireland [hr 1]

Steve and John discuss how the San Francisco Giants seem to have the Dodgers number. President of Dessler Sports Media Ed Dessler joins the guys and talks about the fall out of Comcast pulling out of the Time Warner deal.

ESPN LA Now [hr1]

Mike Trudell & Lisa Leslie get into how the Dodgers just can't seem to beat the rival Giants right now. Also, with the merger between Time Warner Cable & Comcast falling through could L.A. be without their Dodgers on TV for even longer?

Kelvin & Travis in the Morning

Kelvin & Travis dig in on the Clippers and wonder whether or not they can take back their playoff series against the Spurs. Mychal Thompson jumps on to break it down for the guys along with how his son's Golden State Warriors came back to win in dramatic fashion.

The Thundering Herd

Colin Cowherd comments on the Warriors' comeback against the Pelicans and the Cavaliers' usage of LeBron James with Chauncey Billups. Plus, more on the NFL draft.

Max and Marcellus [hr3]

Michelle Beadle joins Jeff Katz & Marcellus to discuss her Spurs beating the Clippers in Game 2, the NBA Playoffs, and why there is no surprise with Rajon Rondo.