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Rays mascot KO'd by Adrian Gonzalez (0:31)
Pearce jacks a three-run shot to left (0:34)
Trout makes adjustments to get out of slump (0:30)

No timeline yet for Street

It’s been nearly a week since Huston Street strained his left oblique, but according to the OC Register, it's still too early to gauge his recovery. When asked about Street's status, manager Mike Scioscia said: “It’s calmed down but we’re not going to know where he is until he starts to get into some more physical activities and some rotational things and starts to throw." OC Register

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What if Koufax pitched for more years?

For all of Sandy Koufax's Hall of Fame accomplishments, it's intriguing to consider what he might have added to his legacy had he played a few more years. Best even better

Dickerson was offered a new home, $50,000 during recruitment (1:22)
Trout ties game with long ball (0:21)
Managing Kobe's minutes was tough for Scott (2:12)
Scott dispels accusations that he can't coach young talent (3:41)
Scott explains why he was blindsided by firing (2:57)

Quessenberry has makings of a coach

Using Mark Schlabach's top 25, our college football writers chose a player from each team who they think could fill the role as head coach. Scott Quessenberry makes all of the calls from the line's anchor and his coaches have praised his high football IQ. Coach 'em up

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What if Magic had played 19 seasons?

That's what Kevin Pelton projects had Magic Johnson not contracted HIV at age 32. Add about 56 percent more games to his career total. Best made better