Thompson and Trudell [Hr 1]

Mychal and Trudell reacted to Tom Brady's suspension getting lifted by a U.S. District Judge. Mychal thinks people hate Brady because he "lives the perfect life." Also, the fellas let callers react to the ruling as well.

Kelvin and Travis

Kelvin & Travis are excited for the start of college football as the USC Trojans are ready to open up the season this weekend. Also, Serena Williams continues her bid for a grand slam and the guys think she could be the 'Tiger Woods' of tennis.

Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

Marcellus Wiley and Brian Kamenetzky talk about the Dodgers getting closer to locking in a playoff spot. Is Don Mattingly the right coach to lead the Dodgers in the postseason?

Mason & Ireland: [hr1]

The Dodgers have turned things on, like Mason predicted. Also, Is Donny baseball heading to Miami?

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 1]

Mychal insists the NBA is "soft" nowadays, because all the players are "boys" and they grew up in the "AAU culture" of hanging out with each other off court. Trudell comes at Mychal with a bunch of players who aren't "soft" and have the Kobe-like killer instincts.