Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

Did Max ever show up to the Wiley Baby Shower? Jimmy Butler wants to be a Laker, Max & Marcellus react. Could DeAndre Jordan be wearing the purple and gold?

D'Angelo Russell, Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers #2 pick D'Angelo Russell joins the guys and discusses his plans for the upcoming season.

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 1]

With Trudell out, Mychal and Jeff Katz reacted to the comments Kobe Bryant had over the weekend saying that he might not retire after next season afterall. Plus, some talk on the NBA Free Agency landscape.

ESPN LA Morning Show with Kelvin & Travis

Kelvin & Travis discuss what Kobe Bryant had to say over the weekend regarding working with rookies and also being a terrible friend because they come and go while banners hang forever. Also, Okafor doesn't seem happy to be a 76er & could Carmelo be on his way out of New York?

When Sharks Attack

Colin Cowherd explains why shark attacks are an overblown media creation, talks NBA free agency with Chris Broussard, welcomes Warriors owner Peter Guber and much more.