Max and Marcellus [hr1]

Max and Ramona Shelburne discuss the Clippers Game 1 win over the Spurs. Also, Max explains who's rooting for the Clippers, and how the Clippers match up with San Antonio.

Mason and Ireland [hr 3]

Steve and John discuss a sign in the Trail Blazers locker room that says "We Don't Lose To Spanish Players". Steve looks back at the Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix, and shares with us where we finished in the race. Crosstalk with Max Kellerman and Ramona Shelburne.

Kelvin & Travis in the Morning

Kelvin & Travis discuss the Clippers impressive win over the Spurs in their first game of the playoffs and the conversation leads to whether or not Chris Paul needs to solidify his legacy with a series win. Also, coaches Doc Rivers & Greg Popovich were in classic form after the game.

Kelvin & Travis in the Morning

The Lakers season has come to an end and with it comes exit interviews from Mitch Kupchak & Byron Scott. Kelvin & Travis discuss what Mitch & Byron said about the future for the Lakers and if it gives them hope moving forward. Also, is Jordan Clarkson the next big thing for the Lakers & the guys want you to 'Listen Up'.

Max & Marcellus: [hr2]

Marcellus Wiley breaks-down Dat Dudes Top 10 NFL Mock Draft. Who is the best player in Dat Dude's Mock Draft? Did Lebron James just take another shot at teammate Kevin Love?