Thompson and Trudell [Hr 1]

Mychal and Trudell discussed the Dodgers getting a no hit against them by the Cubs, as it was also the 2nd no hit bid they gave up in 9 days. Plus, the guys reacted to the big news that Vin Scully is going to "hang them up" after the 2016 season and the MTV VMA's.

ESPNLA Rewind [hr2]

Jeff Biggs Rewinds Kelvin & Travis get ready for the weekend, Marcellus & Jeff Katz discuss an idea for a new Clippers TV deal, Thompson & Trudell talk Trayce Thompson and Jordan Clarkson dating a super-model!

Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Jeff Biggs rings in on the show for another edition of Biggsy Calls. Mayweather fires back at Rousey, Marcellus Wiley and Jeff Katz discuss. How will this Mayweather/Rousey beef playout?

Mason and Ireland [hr 3]

Ben Lyons is sitting in for the vacationing Steve Mason today. Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has turned a $60 million-a-year offer for local TV rights and is forging ahead with a plan to start his own over the top steaming network. Crosstalk with Marcellus Wiley and Jeff Katz.