X's Sweet 16 Leaves Me Wanting More

August 3, 2010, 2:32 PM

By: Brando

Bill Lennert/KSPN AM Los Angeles

BMX All-Star Ben Snowden (right) joins Brando for a special XG16 Saturday edition of Late Night Action, LIVE from X-Fest in the Nokia Plaza.

With X-Games 16 in full swing, Brando is joined by BMX legend Kevin Robinson in-studio. [listen]

As the sun set on scantily clad Rock Star Energy girls and tenth graders disguised as Metal Mulisha soldiers began tumbling out of Staples, I found myself still in need of a fix.

The natural high of X Games is nothing short of captivating. Four days worth of the industry's best is a lot to take in, but bouncing around between bmx vert and moto x best trick is so fluid. I've heard the nay-sayers. X Games can be clunky, almost mechanical in its approach. Too much going on overwhelms ticket goers they say. But I say, "Nay."

The majority of fans who come to X Games and/or watch it on the tele are not fanatical one sport junkies. This is the church of adrenaline and the congregation merely wants to see the impossible. Those who think it's difficult to follow all the different disciplines are simply misinformed. X Games spoon feeds us everything we need to have an understanding of the who, what, and where. By contrast, attempt to watch an NFL, NBA, or soccer game and find out just how forgiving commentators and the sports themselves are to the uninformed. Trust me, I have a girlfriend.

This year's X wasn't perfect, but still had its moments of greatness. Travis Pastrana opening and closing this year's event with gold (Moto X Freestyle and Moto X Speed & Style), Tanner Foust winning both rally events, and Shaun White's return to skateboarding (where he was robbed at gun point of a gold medal).

There are other events in each sport that definitely matter, whether it be a Dew Tour title or a Supercross podium finish, but by and large, most of these athletes track their careers by how they perform in the X Games. They know the world is watching and the rosters are drenched in talent. You can scream corporate sell-out all you want, but in my eyes, there's no better place to get your industry dose than the X Games.

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