Am I good luck charm or what?

August 11, 2010, 3:06 PM

By: Brando

After chatting with me on-air last Friday, Brett Simpson went out over the weekend and defended his championship at the U.S. Open. Back-to-back victories in his hometown has to be sweeter than the champagne we sprayed on him at the podium. And less sticky.

Simpson is much more talented than his current world standing (24th overall). I can only hope that this will propel him to a killer second half of the world tour.

On to land

Chris Cole did what Chris Cole does, win huge contests. Cole won his third overall Maloof Money Cup on Sunday in Costa Mesa in dramatic fashion. Nyjah Houston had one of the best sessions I've ever witnessed and scored a near perfect 100. His second place finish was a shock to many, but none bigger than him. And don't think for one second that $40K will wash away the memory of just missing out on the grand prize total of $100K. Major props to both skaters as they were far and away the best two during the weekend.

And how about PLG? Pierre won his second vert contest in as many weeks just edging out Bob Burnquist. This goes without saying, but Pierre-Luc Gagnon is the best vert skater alive right now.


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