Is he the guy?

Is Don Mattingly the right person to manage the Dodgers?


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Accountability starts at top

Irwin (Los Angeles): "So far, he is not and I'm actually questioning Mark McGwire as well for the hitting coach. Injuries have plagued the Dodgers this season, but you gotta start pointing fingers at some time."

Mark (Pomona): "Don Mattingly is from the old school and they need somebody with a little bit more energy than he has. What works back in the old school doesn't work today. He has a bunch of young players that they're on a different level. If they could find a coach for the Dodgers that can relate to the younger ball players, I think they'll play better, their energy level will go up higher, and they'll probably be in contention for the playoffs."

It's still early

Ed (Diamond Bar): "Absolutely, I think he has the experience in championship teams. They're going through a rough spell right now but absolutely, he's the best coach."

Ed (Diamond Bar): "There's no teamwork right now, so basically once they get their egos and everything out of the way and concentrate on basic fundamentals, then they'll start rocking."

Gary (Palos Verdes): "It's hard to tell. I think it's early. Things obviously not going well, but it's a new team and like anything else, it happened with the Lakers, it's gonna take a while to get it going, to get it organized."