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Do you want Dwight Howard to re-sign with the Lakers?


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He's the future

Keoni, Burbank: "He makes the team better than it already is with his defensive presence. … Kobe isn't coming back till December. We need him."

Adrian, Los Angeles: "I want Dwight to re-sign with the Lakers because L.A. has so much unlimited potential, not just as a city, but as a franchise. … He's going to be the building block for the franchise."

Charles, Los Angeles: "People didn't understand he was hurt, so they didn't give him a chance to heal up. He'd do better with them this year because he's healed up. If he stays, somebody has to tell Kobe Bryant to pass the ball."

Lakers shouldn't have to beg

Tommy, Boston: "You guys are the Lakers, you shouldn't have to beg anybody to stay here. … He wants to be the star, but there's already a star in L.A.; that's the Black Mamba."

Emmanuel, New York: "Unless Phil Jackson comes to coach, that's the only way Dwight is going to stay. The team chemistry isn't there. Obviously, they turned it on at the end of the year but that window is going to close and minimize really fast to win a championship, especially with Kobe coming off that crazy Achilles injury. He is Kobe Bryant, but that ship is about to set, like Titanic."