Mason and Ireland [hr2]

Steve & Jeff discuss Kevin Durant ripping the media for their criticisms of Kobe Bryant and it sets the guys off on why professional athletes need the media to sell their brand. Also, Fast Track gets interrupted by Kobe Bryant speaking to the media in Philadelphia.

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 1]

Mychal takes Trudell to "court," because Trudell is asking Mychal for his money back for buying the Alvarez/Cotto fight, since Trudell claims that Mychal was going to pay for his purchase of the fight.

The Dan Le Batard Show

Happy Greg Cote Tuesday! How much do window washers make? Tom Brady trolling Rex Ryan, plus we talk to Holly Holm and Zoo Miami's, Ron Magill.

Mason and Ireland [hr 2]

Jeff Katz and Ramona Shelburne are sitting in for Steve Mason and John Ireland. ESPN reports that Dave Roberts will be named Los Angeles Dodgers' first minority manager. Jeff and Ramona discuss the general state of the Los Angeles Clippers. Jeff and Ramona get their five questions together, it's time for FAST TRACK!!!

Thompson and Trudell [Hr 2]

Trudell and Brian Kamenetzky take calls on the Dodgers hiring Dave Roberts as their new Manager and they also take calls on the improved play of D'Angelo Russell within the last week or so.