Show in Review

LeBron James, Dwyane WadeMike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesThe guys give their takes on the Heat's decision to rest LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and more.

ESPN New York 98.7 FM's Stephen A. Smith says Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan understood they are the show. Plus, Carmelo Anthony is a superstar and can't let the Knicks lose in the first round. Smith

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler says he disagrees with the premise that the NBA is more physically demanding than it was in the '90s. Plus, Legler says the Knicks may be No. 2 in the East, but Carmelo Anthony is not No. 2 in the MVP race. Legler

ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd weighs in on whether or not the Heat should rest their players. Cowherd says its unfair to expect teams to play all of their stars night after night. Cowherd

Golf Channel on NBC analyst Peter Jacobsen says he believes Tiger Woods is back, dominating the field when he plays well. Jacobsen compares Woods' play early in his career to now. Jacobsen

• Greeny argues that LeBron James should not be taking games off to rest at the end of the season because that's not the way superstars of the past handled the regular season. Listen


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