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The Blitz: 20/20 hindsight
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Under the heading of In Case I Missed It, I'd like to give a nod to some of the second-guessing that has given me pause in light of the newest installment of my Hot 100. Some of the suggestions were from user feedback, others just hit me after I finished updating the list.

·Best Second Banana: Herb Haygood, Michigan State, WR. Has been every bit as dangerous as Charles Rogers and has been the Big Ten's biggest surprise.

·QB with the most ardent supporters: Byron Leftwich, Marshall. I know, I know, he'll be in the NFL someday.

·If I included kickers: Auburn's Damon Duval, the most clutch guy in college football, would probably crack the top 40.

·If I included I-AA players: Georgia Southern's Adrian Peterson would probably crack the top 25.

·Biggest Oversight: Mammoth Mike Williams from Texas fell off this list because I heard he gave up three sacks to OU's Jimmy Wilkerson. Trouble is, I heard it from Jimmy after the game. Apparently, after checking the tape, Big Mike's sackless streak is still in existence at 20 games.

·Too Much Team Spirit: Sorry, but in the interest of sharing the wealth, I decided not to include an overflow of Gators (Reche Caldwell and Marquand Manuel got knocked off the bubble), Sooners (Quentin Griffin), Canes (Joaquin Gonzalez, Andre Johnson, Mike Rumph) or Bruins (Marques Anderson, Troy Danoff, Ryan Nece).

Bruce Feldman covers college football for ESPN The Magazine. E-mail him at

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