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  • Men: 95%
  • Single: 44% | Married: 46%
  • Median Age: 30 (65% between 18 and 34)
  • Average (Mean) household income: $71,800
  • Any college: 86%
  • Full-time employed: 76%
  • Full-time students: 14%
  • AUTOS: Intend to purchase an auto in the next year: 52%
  • FANTASY GAMES: Play online Fantasy Football Games: 59%
  • FINANCIAL: Non-students with an investment portfolio: 76%. Average
    portfolio among non-students who invest: $91,000
  • MUSIC: Listen to music on their PC: 80%
  • RETAIL: Make online purchases: 90%
  • SPORTING GOODS: Likely to purchase sports-related products: 78%.
    Sporting goods or sports gear: 58%
  • TECHNOLOGY: Full-time employees involved in company technology
    purchases: 52%
  • TELECOM: Use a cell phone: 75%, With Internet access: 16%
  • TRAVEL: Took an average of 5 trips in the past year
  • VIDEO GAMES: Play video games: 60%
  • The majority (71%) of respondents are daily visitors to ESPN.com and half
    (49%) of them say they visit the NFL area of ESPN.com daily.
    • 96% are satisfied with ESPN.com
    • 92% stated that ESPN.com was their favorite national Web site for acquiring sports news and information.
  • ESPN was selected by nine out of ten respondants (92%) as their favorite
    brand that provides sports related content and the majority (97%) agree
    that ESPN is a leader in the industry.
  • ESPN maintains a strong brand presence among its site visitors.
    • 24% of visitors regularly read or subscribe to ESPN The Magazine.
    • 64% report watching SportsCenter daily.
Advertising on ESPN.com section of ESPN.com results in higher lifts in all
branding metrics