Josh Porter an inspiration 

April, 4, 2008
SAN ANTONIO -- Quick hitters from Final Four Friday:

• One of the most important things I took away from listening to an inspiring Josh Porter discuss his incredible comeback from a life-threatening neck injury Friday morning upon receiving the United States Basketball Writers Association's Most Courageous Award is to watch the hyperbole that so many of us toss around. North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough deserves every accolade that is out there for his work ethic. But we all should watch when we say that some one is the hardest-working player. If you listen to the story of someone like Porter, then it would make you stop and reconsider word choice.

Porter clearly worked just as hard, if not harder, than most players. The LSU-Shreveport senior fractured his vertebrae in his neck during a collision with a teammate in November 2006. He was motionless for several minutes and rushed to a nearby hospital. It took a two-hour surgical procedure to fuse the vertebrae together. His neurosurgeon, Dr. Anil Nanda, said in a release that less than one percent of people who sustain a similar injury can regain movement or even live.