Uni Watch: Mississippi St. pays tribute to Game of Change

These Mississippi State throwbacks are a nod to the 1963 team that faced Loyola in what became known as the Game of Change. Courtesy of Adidas

March 15 will mark the 53rd anniversary of the Game of Change -- the historic basketball game when an all-white Mississippi State team defied an unwritten rule that barred the university from playing against integrated schools, and faced off against a Loyola (Illinois) squad featuring four African-American players, striking a blow against segregated college basketball and for the civil rights movement. (There's a good recap of the game and its importance here.)

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day taking place this Monday, Mississippi State's current team will wear Game of Change throwback uniforms for Saturday's contest against Tennessee.

The uniforms are simple, clean and straightforward. You could quibble with a few details -- the throwbacks are white, for example, but Mississippi State wore dark uniforms in the Game of Change, and the current State logo on the shorts feels gratuitous -- but that would be counterproductive. Anything that calls attention to one of the most significant chapters in college hoops history is a positive development.

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