John Thompson Jr. blasts Big East refs at son's news conference

Back in his day as the head coach at Georgetown, John Thompson Jr. was never shy with his opinions, solicited or otherwise.

Age has not exactly softened his views.

Thompson, once memorably ejected after earning three technical fouls during a Syracuse game, interrupted his son's news conference following the Hoyas' comeback win against Creighton, to weigh in on the game's officiating.

"Last two games have been terrible,'' he said, according to CasualHoya.com. "You can tell the f---ing commissioner and everybody else in the Big East I said that.''

Against the Bluejays, the Hoyas were whistled for 27 fouls to Creighton's 21. In their previous home game against Villanova, they were whistled for 23 fouls to the Wildcats' 13.

John Thompson III, the Hoyas' current head coach and thereby in need of a bit more diplomacy than his dad, said of the officiating against Creighton, "During the course of the game we have to adjust to the officiating. You have to adjust to how they're calling the game. Sometimes it's more difficult than others to adjust to how they're calling the game, and tonight was one of those nights. For one reason or another, we couldn't quite adjust to how they were calling the game, but our guys fought and kept playing."

In a statement issued Thursday, Big East commissioner Val Ackerman said she had expressed her "concerns regarding the comments" Thompson Jr. made at the refs' expense.

"I shared with them we're very proud of our officials, who are among the best in the NCAA, and we have internal mechanisms and open communications channels in place should our schools have feedback or concerns about the calls made in our games," Ackerman said. "It's clear that the intensity level in the Big East is as high as ever, and I know our officials will continue the high standards of Big East basketball."

Thompson Jr. is a fixture at his son's news conferences, usually leaning up against a back wall of the interview room. Occasionally, he pipes in with a comment or two, but rarely have they merited a headline.