Vanderbilt restricts Sheldon Jeter

Vanderbilt is blocking one of its players from transferring to Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Tuesday.

Sheldon Jeter, a freshman at Vanderbilt last season, announced his intentions to transfer Friday, in order to be closer to his hometown of Beaver Falls, Pa.

On Tuesday, the Post-Gazette reported that Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings was restricting Jeter from transferring to Pittsburgh.

It is not known whether Stallings has prevented Jeter from transferring to other schools.

A Vanderbilt spokesman told ESPN.com that Stallings "doesn't have any comment" Tuesday.

NCAA rules require prospective transfers to first request a release from their scholarships and submit a list of potential destinations. If a release is not granted, a player can appeal to the school's athletic department to overturn a coach's decision. If the appeal is unsuccessful, a player can only transfer to the blocked school if he sits out a season and pays tuition.

In recent years, coaches have come under fire for failing to grant players their release. St. Joseph's coach Phil Martelli drew criticism in 2011 for his handling of little-used reserve transfer Todd O'Brien. In 2012, confusion about the placement of Wisconsin redshirt freshman Jarrod Uthoff's transfer documents led to outcry against Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan and the NCAA rules that allow coaches to tightly restrict transfer destinations.

Jeter averaged 5.5 points in 17.5 minutes per game as a freshman at Vanderbilt. He tweeted Friday that his decision was "due to some personal issues" and a desire to be closer to his family in Beaver Falls.